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Gator Football Season is Here

Florida Gator Football is Back, Don’t Drink and Drive The Florida Gators are back in action and tailgating is in full force in Gainesville. Celebrating with the Gator Nation and cheering our team to victory is a long standing tradition. But don’t forget to celebrate responsibly to avoid a DUI in Gainesville.

On average, it will take a person who weighs approximately 140 lbs, three drinks in one hour, to reach a Blood Alcohol Level of .08, the legal limit in the State of Florida. Did you know that a Blood alcohol level of .02 will be broken down in approximately one and a half hours, BAC levels of .05 are broken down in three and a half hours, .08 is broken down in five and a half hours and .10 can take up to 6.6 hours to be broken down.

Therefore, merely stopping the consumption of alcohol during the football game is not enough, before you get in the car to drive home safely.

Please do not drink and drive, however, if you or someone you know has had the unfortunate experience of being arrested for DUI in Gainesville or driving under the influence, please contact the experienced attorneys at Michael P. Maddux, P.A. to assist you in navigating through both the Division of Motor Vehicle System as well as the Criminal Justice System.

Ultimately, Drink Responsibly and GO GATORS!

About Us

The Law Offices of Michael P. Maddux serve Florida with offices in Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa and North Port. The attorneys and staff make it a priority to provide individualized and personalized attention to their clients in every matter they handle. Our offices are comprised of devoted trial attorneys who specialize in criminal cases, personal injury cases as well as civil rights cases.

About Jennifer M. Salter

Jennifer M. Salter is the managing attorney of the Gainesville, Florida office of Michael P. Maddux, PA. She has been a licensed attorney since 2010. Jennifer received her B.A. in Criminology from the University of Florida and her law degree from Stetson University College of Law. She began her legal career working for Michael P. Maddux, PA in the Tampa Office as a law clerk in 2008.

Upon graduation from law school, she continued working at the Tampa firm as an associate attorney. In 2012, Jennifer moved to Gainesville, Florida, to open and run the Gainesville Office of Michael P. Maddux, PA. Jennifer Salter is licensed to practice in the State of Florida, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

She is a member of the Florida Bar Association, Florida Bar Criminal Law Section, Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Jennifer is an active participant in the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College at Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming, dedicated to training lawyers to obtain justice and protect the rights of people from corporate and government oppression.

She has also received specialized trial skills training in the Trojan Horse Method, which teaches attorneys how to develop the emotional core of a case, so the jury can experience our client’s stories. Areas of Practice: State and Federal Criminal Defense, Civil Rights Violations (including Excessive Force, False Arrest, Deliberate Indifference to Medical Needs, First Amendment Violations) and Personal Injury (including automobile accidents, slip and falls, premise liability, wrongful death, products liability and medical malpractice).

About Michael P. Maddux

Michael P. Maddux is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer. Certification was established by the Florida Supreme Court to help consumers identify specialists, those lawyers with the highest level of competency and experience in the area of law approved for certification.

Our Four Guiding Principles

We strive to make lasting relationships with our clients through the following principles:

1. Our clients deserve our personal and timely attention. Calls are returned promptly. We work to resolve difficult problems with compassion.

2. Our work will be thorough and effective. We are advocates for our clients. They depend on us to aggressively pursue their goals, leaving no stone unturned. Whether in the courtroom or in our research and pleadings, we strive to find ways to best advance the client’s cause.

3. Our clients deserve to know what we do, why we do it, and how it benefits them. We communicate with our clients to address their concerns and keep them informed on the progress of their case.

4. Our clients’ interests are paramount. They are the reason we exist as a firm, and within the bounds of professional ethics, we help formulate and pursue their interests.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation where we can put ingenuity, determination, and hard work at the forefront of your very important case.

Injury Law

Michael P. Maddux, P.A. - Attorneys at Law, is a also Personal Injury law firm that represents injured victims and workers. Our law firm has a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive high quality representation, and we know injury law. Please contact us to schedule a consultation so we can put ingenuity, determination, and team to work for you. When you are injured in an incident which is wholly or partially the fault of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages. In many motor vehicle accidents, once your PIP benefits are exhausted, Michael P. Maddux, P.A. Attorneys at Law Personal Injury may be able to assist you in recovering further insurance benefits from the negligent at-fault driver. Other injuries occur, for example, at retail stores or on another's property in which the property owner has failed to maintain his property in a reasonably safe manner so injury results from the unsafe condition .

Criminal Defense

Michael P. Maddux, P.A. Attorneys at Law represents clients in Federal and State Criminal Defense. In criminal defense we handle all felonies, misdemeanors and violation of probations (VOP's) for both state and federal offenses and forfeiture. We also handle juvenile dependency, juvenile delinquency, appeals, and post conviction relief matters ... read more about Criminal Defense

Driving Under the Influence | DUI in Gainesville

If you are charged with a DUI in Gainesville, Florida, you may be able to take comfort in having a former prosecutor to walk you through your case, whether the case is dismissed or reduced to reckless driving, or, if you plead guilty or no contest, we may be able to help you keep some privileges that will allow you to fulfill your important responsibilities, such as work, school, etc.

Officer Misconduct Excessive Force

Unfortunately, sometimes law enforcement officers are poorly trained or supervised, and law enforcement agencies have policies and customs which create liability for the acts of law enforcement officers who in the scope of employment make false arrests, use excessive force or excessive deadly force, or deny necessary critical medical care of people who are incarcerated, sometimes even without a trial and conviction of any crime.

Our firm challenges government abuse, misdeeds, and mismanagement of its power. While we deeply appreciate the many services it renders, as well as the fact that we live in a fantastic country, we are steadfast in our belief that the government needs the checks and balances of litigation, in some instances, to curb misconduct. Thus, in addition to money damages, are suits often seek injunctive relief and changes in the policies and practices that brought about the abuses we are trying to stop. Some of the people we have sought to protect and make whole are those exercising their First Amendment rights, people of less privileged backgrounds who were treated cruelly by stereotyping government bodies, the incarcerated, the falsely accused, and quite frequently those who just seem to be the random victims of government actors who are no longer in the business of serving the citizenry. We frequently say you don't want to meet us, but we're here if you need us. Why do you say? Because you need us if you've been arrested, injured in an automobile accident or other negligence scenario, or been beaten up by the police or falsely arrested by law enforcement. When the cards fall against our clients, we do our best to have their backs.

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